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My intuition and business relations.

My intuition and business relations.

How important is the thesis on this subject, let me show my intuitive business choices over the years. 
I will present only a few of my intuitive business decisions that are still underway and thanks to which I build my own passive income ...

It is 2001, when the first entire bank was founded in Poland. 
He takes up the challenge and establishes a bank account in it, which serves me today. 
I start distributing bank accounts instantly and with determination. 
My experiences are amazing, I recommend mBank that I meet with dislike and lack of trust in a bank that does not have a physical outlet. 
However, he finds a large group of people who take this pioneering challenge and to this day people are with me in good and good relations. 
It was worth listening to your intuition ...

Is 2011 invited to ProsumerClub ...

At the beginning, I carefully looked at this topic, but at the same time I took the challenge and started my own investment in the ProsumerClub. 
To date, the existing Prosument Club fulfills the obligation resulting from the assumptions it offers. 
Again, my intuition did not disappoint me.

Was 2014 invited to Credit Pay and NFD ...

NFD ....
I start to look and enter the cooperative, building common assets together with 5,000 other co-workers. 
I have a new group of trusted and cooperating people. 
Spóldzielnia still exists and develops, building my passive income. 
I bought a holiday program that gives me benefits in three dimensions. 
Again, the intuition showed a good choice ...

Is 2018 and receives an invitation to Guarium ICO.

ICO Guarium ...

Will invest
130 USD, and already in 14 days thanks to the effect of leverage resulting from the invitation of people who have already cooperated, I obtained a result of 1258 USD. 
Guarium is a future project, but it gives you the opportunity to earn from the very beginning .. 
Once again, I listened to my intuition and again did not let me down ...

There are several other projects that you can find in my PR.

Several names have been mentioned here to help you search ...

FutureNet / FutureAdPro .. http://zbigniewnowak.fn.xyz/

Lavylites ... Lavylites

OrganicLife .. https://pl297947.organiclife.com.pl/register.html

LigaBTC ... http: //panel.ligabtc. pl /? sponsor = zibipol


These are still existing and developing projects with high development potential and passive income building.

If you have read this place, be so good and leave a comment.

PS ... I invite you to cooperation .. 
Expect the best.

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