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How to build a passive income without MLM, huge expenses, playing the stock market, and other overra

How to build a passive income without MLM, huge expenses, playing the stock market, and other overrated methods?

Hello, this will not be a brief mention, so sit back comfortably and read calmly.

I invite you.

As in the title, let's think, is it really possible?

                                  Well yes.

Answer yourself one question, what will you be doing for all your life?

You will undoubtedly make payments and pay for everything for the various services needed in the current world.

What are these services?

Each of us pays every month for an apartment or house, these are obligatory and permanent payments,

in addition, we also pay for electricity, gas, TV, child's tuition fees at school, insurance, telephones, some fixed fees, e.g. renting a garage, we pay various types of loans.

Do you know this truth? I know, I'm 50 years old and I still do it, only differently.

Banks are competing in free transfers, true, yes I use this kind of freeness myself, but that's a topic for a separate article. Let there be nothing against Banks, business like any other.

In 2001, a venture was created that continues to this day.

I believe, of course, and this is my experience, indestructible.

The economic crises that have taken place over all these years have survived to this day and are still doing well.

I once heard {before you pay others, pay yourself?}

Damn what a deep thought, but how and where?

After all, I place myself !!!

Is that ??

Well, no, not again. No.

Place every moment, forgetting about yourself, do not overdo it. I'm not exaggerating.

I work, I earn, I got paid to my boss before I get paid, right?

I go home after work, pay someone again, how?

I just drive a car for which I paid someone I don't need fuel, which is also someone else's, right?

Damn, they plucked me again, a joke.

This is how it looks in a nutshell.

And actually it is with everything that concerns our daily life, for centuries, right?

It's hard to disagree, but there will always be opponents.

Long what ??

Patience, the best ahead of you !!!

How to be patient, when the coffee has cooled down, my eyes hurt from reading, and I still do not know what's going on, a joke.

I hope you still read ??

What do you have to do to pay yourself when you have already paid for others?

You know thousands of great ideas, right?, You have already read a million information about how to become a Millionaire, etc., I already have it behind you.

You know confidently and constantly use your own ways to build capital and passive income ?? I assume yes !!

Congratulations !!

Suppose hypothetically that you just bought your dream apartment or house, on loan repayment 30 years?

What would you say that after, for example, 15 years it would pay off itself?

Want !!

What would you say if your constant payments, which I mentioned at the beginning of this fairy tale, would pay themselves for example in 15 years ??

Want !!

Who would not want to? Just !!

What would you say if the future of Pension does not spend your night in the eyes, does not need to explain how our pension system looks like?


Of course I want !!

Okay, but what and how ??

Let's get to the heart of the matter.

As I mentioned at the beginning in 2001, an enterprise was created that helps to build Passive income, although it is called Refund, Loyalty Retirement.

Welcome to the world of Cooperatives ..

This will be the case for the Cooperative, and more specifically for the NFD / TD Cooperative.

I will not describe the entire Cooperative. You can read more on our website, the link is earlier.

You can always contact me and we'll talk over coffee. I invite you.

Describe the process referred to in the title of this publication.

Among the various solutions offered as part of the cooperative, there is Credit Pay,

This is the basic solution with the help of which you will build a passive income that will allow you a peaceful life and not panic in the moments of life turns.

What causes that instead of paying others, I will first pay myself using CP?

I will try to describe it quite comprehensively. On my own example, it will be easier.

I have been a mBank customer since 2001, what a joy it was at that time to open a bank account and not incur any fees.

Damn a miracle.

But we will not talk about it, my various income influences there, it is known how everyone or the majority still works.

From the bank, I transfer funds to Credit Pay to make payments for everything I am obliged to do, remember, I wrote about it an hour ago, a joke.

This is just an excerpt from my CreditPay.

So what's the difference and what causes CreditPay to build a passive income, or call it, call it.

When making transfers from CreditPay, I incur an additional expense, but this is just paying myself before I pay to others, remember?

For each transfer, I leave PLN 2.70 + 2.8% of the transfer value at the Cooperative, turning it into shares in the entire assets of NFD TD Cooperative

, worth about 8 million Euro today.

Okay, but that means you are carrying another load ??

Yes and no !! But about this in the next episode.

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