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The Struggle is Real, Here is your Equalizer

The Struggle is Real.

What would you say if I told you that the Super Affiliate System is

-g-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e-d-? It is and I'll tell you more later in this email. 

Are you starting to see the amazing potential of -making- -money-?

Most of you probably remember the crash of 2008. I know friends who went bankrupt because they lost their jobs and were paying on underwater mortgages. 

Can you imagine?!? 

They lost their house. Their American Dream gone, poof!

Yes, the economy has gotten better. The Dow Jones has recovered and my friends are now gainfully employed. 

But check this out... a survey was conducted in 2016, almost 8 years after 2008 shows more than 50% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings. Is that you?

How can this be if the economy is getting better? 

Just the other day my neighbor, who owns a fairly recent, beautiful BMW 5 series, started driving for Uber. Something in this picture doesn't seem

right if the economy is getting better.

You're Prepared To Be Better Than Most

Are you like most people? Are you one paycheck away from defaulting on your credit card payment?

Are you one check away from not making your rent or mortgage? 

One check away from being homeless? 

Most of us don't have the safety net of the 1%.

Worst yet, most of our jobs are either being outsourced or replaced by

robots or someone cheaper in India. No offense to India, but that is the reality.

There are NO guarantees in your job.

The hard truth: The economy is getting better... but only if you're the


The only people who had money to invest after 2008 were the 1%, but enough about the 1 percenters.

Here's your Equalizer: Here's your -G-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e-! 

The Super Affiliate System

Imagine you can get the things you desire, live anywhere, and work anytime you like. 

Imagine you can spend more time with your kids and loved ones.

Imagine you gained -financial- -freedom- and not having to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. 

Do you want this for yourself?

Do you want to be like...

Luis Nakamoto, alum of John Crestani, who went from $40,000/year to


Raymond Duke, a freelance copywriter, who, after John Crestani's

training, wrote a sales letter that made over $5 million?

Tyler Ellison, who was making websites for clients on a freelance basis,

and is a part-time minister, who did an initial rollout and made

over $150K in 90 days...then STOPPED...because his family thought

it would be too greedy to continue? 

The Super Affiliate System will guide you each step of the way.

Sign up now and you'll get monthly Webinars with John Crestani

where he shows you the newest trends in affiliate marketing, divulges his

secrets for driving free traffic to your site, and occasionally will even

critique the work of a Super Affiliate. Do you want to be one of the Super Affiliates?

From day one, you have access to 50+ hours of Super Affiliate System


Topics that you'll be learning include:

- How to Find Hot Selling Products.

- Selecting Your Products.

- How To Set Up Your Website.

- How to Use Social Media to Market Your Products.

- How To Write Powerful Copy. 

- How To Drive Traffic To Your Website...for Free. 

- Repeating Your Success And Selecting Your Next Products.

- Repeating Your Success And Building Your Future. 

And best of all...

You risk nothing. You gain everything!

This is a simple formula that works again and again. 

This is the beauty of it. 

You're learning your craft, you're breaking ground, and you're

driving the results that are -making- you -money-.

So, why internet marketing? 

Because the internet has broken down the traditional walls...

- Anybody can now start a marketing business from home using only a laptop and a cellphone. 

- We can reach literally ANYBODY online through channels, such a Facebook, for nothing. 

- Modern day technology means we can run a 7-figure marketing business without any staff or expensive overhead. 

Don't Believe me? Take a chapter from the Beatles - John Lennon

One day, John Lennon's wife, Yoko Ono, mentioned she wanted a swimming pool.

John said, "OK, let's get one."

When John's wife responded, asking, "How are we going to do that?"

John said, "I'll write us one."

"Just like John Lennon had Writing Songs, You Can Have Internet Marketing To Get Anything You Want In Your Life."

But what If I'm not "Cut Out" for marketing?

No doubt, you're asking yourself, "Can I even do this?"

Yes, indeed you can!

You only need the skills that have gotten you here.

You only need a laptop and a cell phone...and anywhere with an internet

connection. Internet Marketing can easily be done with very standard software and free internet traffic. 

In fact, anyone can be taught how to craft effective marketing content.

It's simply a matter of choosing a product you personally understand,

learning as much about this product as you can, and understanding the needs and desires of the people who would benefit from this product.

You will be expertly guided through this whole process, from putting

together basic ideas and benefits to learning how to put it all into

powerful and effective copy.

Secrets of the Marketing world laid out for you. 

Then you put all of this together...with step-by-step guidance from the

Super Affiliate System...and you are bringing your buyers closer to their

desires, needs, and wishes.

Your First Success leads to More Success! 

Don't be fooled by these seemingly simple methods. John Crestani will

be sharing with you his insider secrets, powerful tips, and how to put it

all into action to make your first sale. 

After your first sale...you will galvanize to strike ahead and see for

yourself how effective the Super Affiliate System really is. 

Marketing is an Evergreen Industry.

Concerned that marketing is an unsteady business?

Don't know if this industry will be as steady as you need it to be? 

Hey...you buy stuff and always have, right? 

People will always want to buy stuff and the manufacturers will always want to sell it to them. The internet has made marketing easier, cheaper, and much more lucrative than ever before for those who know how to use it. 

Let me repeat this...

Marketing is an Evergreen Industry.

According to Forbes, the marketing industry is worth over $189 Billion per year and it's projected to grow by 78% by 2020. ($336 Billion per year.)

Do you want a piece of this action? 

Imagine This is Your Life 

See yourself thriving, living the life you always wanted while driving

traffic to sites of products you've researched, you believe in, and that

are hot sellers. 

You only work a few hours a week, making more-than-enough -money- to support yourself, your preferred lifestyle, your family, while living anywhere in the world. 

Your commute to work is from: 

Your couch

Your breakfast table

Your favorite beach

Your favorite country

You are living your dream lifestyle. 

Your family is taken care of and you've provided for them well, living a

good life, vacationing together, and sending your kids to the best schools

while living the good life and funding their dreams. 

Because we live in a world of unknown job futures, of robots replacing

jobs, and weekly job layoffs...you are ahead of the curve.

When you work the Super Affiliate System, you are securing your -financial- -freedom-. You are free to live your 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle from any location, pursuing your interests and investing your "work week" into your future and your family's security.

You are providing for your future of options and abundance. 

You see others succeeding with Super Affiliate System. 

When will you start?

Again...The Super Affiliate System Comes With a 30-Day -M o n e y- -B a c k-


Zero Risk - If you're not completely satisfied simply request a refund.

Access to Library of Powerful Training Videos. 

Your Great Opportunity in a Robust and Growing Industry.

Your Success Leads to More Success!

The Super Affiliate System is a powerful tool, giving you step-by-step

How-To's to start your own affiliate site. With over 50 hours of robust


Why not start your new life today?

P.S. Remember: 

- You're risking nothing, your purchase comes
with a No Questions Asked -M-o-n-e-y- -Back  -G-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e-

- You're gaining your -f-i-n-a-n-c-i-a-l- -freedom- and security. 

- You have access to monthly Live Webinars with John Crestani and 50+ 

   hours of premium recorded content

- Grab this amazing opportunity now and build your future starting today

How about join our FREE training and meet John Crestani?

Click link below ..

I'm sold! Take me to Super Affiliate System now!

PSS: Let me know if you've already watched it.

Until next time!


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