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The Luck Factor

Brian Tracy is one of the original masters of motivation. I own most of his books (over 80!) and have read them all multiple times. However, when I think back to the biggest influence Brian has had on me, it has to be a set of CD's that I bought in the 90's called "The Luck Factor". I paid more for them than a 20-something person should spend, but it turned out to be a good investment and one of the foundation blocks for my future success. (here is the extract from Matthew Graves text that i consider worth reading)

Today, I am going to share with you the key ideas that helped to take me from a struggling employee to "Entrepreneur of the Year" in under 5 years. I don't say that to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that anyone can change their thoughts and their actions to accomplish the goals they seek.

The key idea behind "The Luck Factor" is that most outsiders look at successful people and think of them as "Lucky". However, the truth is that they achieved this level of success by controlling several "Luck Factors" which increase your chance of accomplishing your goals. Knowing what these "Luck Factors" are and using them correctly can increase your chance of being seen by everyone as "Lucky".

To be "lucky", the first thing you need to do is understand the Law of Cause and Effect. Every effect has a cause, even if you don't know what it is. There is no "good luck" or "bad luck". To be "lucky" you have to do everything possible to increase your chances of success. There is no blaming anyone else, the things you do are the primary cause of anything that happens in your life.

Until you accept responsibility for all the successes and failures in your life, you have no ability to control your "luck". Taking Responsibility is a key "Luck Factor".

Another key "Luck Factor" is clarity. You have to know EXACTLY what you want and come up with a written plan for achieving it. Things will probably not go just as you have planned, but without a plan you have no direction and cannot build up momentum.

Results Orientation is another key "Luck Factor". You have to focus on getting results, not just working hard. What are the things you can do that will generate the biggest result. The 80/20 rule is key here to determine what 20% of your activities generate 80% of your results.

You also need to have a Bias Toward Action and Speed. This is another "Luck Factor". Keeping a fast tempo to everything you do and moving fast on opportunities, ideas, and problems will increase your luck.

Knowledge and Skill are also key "Luck Factors". Continuous learning increases your luck. Spend time reading or listening to experts in the areas you are trying to improve. One new idea can make the difference between success and failure. What one skill, if you mastered it, would make the biggest difference in your life? You must become a master of key skills, not merely competent.

Relationships are an important "Luck Factor". No one ever becomes a success story on their own. You have to build relationships by giving more than you ask in return. Always be looking for ways to help. Spend time with positive people who lift you up and limit your time with negative people.

Money can also be a "Luck Factor". Having access to money at the right time can allow you to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise not be available. Try to save 10% of what you earn for the future.

Attitude is also an important "Luck Factor". People and opportunities are attracted to those who are positive, optimistic, and cheerful. You need to always expect the best and look out for the good in every situation.

High Levels of Energy is a trait of most successful people. This energy helps them to accomplish more than an average person and instills confidence in those around them. Energy comes from treating your body right and keeping a positive mindset.

Character is the most important "Luck Factor". You always behave in a way which is consistent with your highest values. You need to be doing what you do for the right reasons and to help others, not merely for money. People before profits.

Luck is predictable and completely within your control.

The more you focus on these "Luck Factors" and exhibiting them each day, the luckier you will become. Your responsibility, energy, attitude, character, work ethic, clarity will get the attention of those who can help you. Your focus on results, speed, action, and becoming a master of key skills will help you to execute your plans more quickly and efficiently.

This is the true secret to those who you may see as "Lucky".

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