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The Challenge of Affiliate Income

You can watch here videos from Matthew Graves about Your Success Advantage.

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In the videos of this series, I am going to show you how to use Your Success Advantage to overcome the biggest problem holding you back from making a reliable online income.

Making money online hasn’t always been as hard as it is today. I started online in 2001 and back then, it was much easier to get people to buy whatever products you wanted to promote.

However, things have changed in the last 18 years. Competition has gotten much greater. Your prospects are overwhelmed with ads. The noise in the marketplace has gotten to a deafening roar.

How do you stand out?

In addition, people are more careful with their purchases than they were in 2001. They trust less and take longer to decide, even on relatively small amounts.

Your Success Advantage

Why should they trust you?

It has reached a point where they old techniques of just getting visitors to come to your sales page and expecting them to buy just doesn’t work. They don’t know who you are and they don’t trust what you say. You simply cannot sell to strangers anymore. You might get an occasional sale, here and there, but not something that you can count on or build a life around. Just enough to keep the hope alive that you might find a breakthrough. However, a breakthrough only happens when you change strategy.

The strategy that works today is to focus on turning those strangers into friends, and friends into customers. You need to build awareness and trust before they will make the decision to buy. You need to get them to “know, like, and trust” you.

This means that you need a system where you can take some time to build the relationship. You need to communicate with them over time, rather than trying to get them to buy on the first contact.

The most common way to do this is to get them to subscribe to your email list, and then build the relationship through a series of emails that are designed to educate and motivate them to want to do business with you. Patience and a system that works is the key.

I worked for years creating those systems for individual entrepreneurs. I setup lead capture pages to get people to subscribe, autoresponder systems to deliver the emails, wrote copy for thousands of mails, setup the tracking so we could analyze the results. Each person was a unique new setup … and it worked.

At the same time, I saw those who were starting out online struggling. They kept trying to sell to strangers because setting up a “know, like, and trust” system takes a lot of time, learning and experience. That is the hole that beginners get stuck in. They have to be skilled to compete with the pro’s in today’s market, but building those skills in so many areas of business takes years.

Most quit before they ever get good enough to see results … or they keep jumping from program to program trying to find the one that will work.

Sound familiar?

That is why I created Your Success Advantage. If I could automate or have “done for you” systems that did the hardest part of selling affiliate products online, then people could focus on mastering just one area of the business and get results faster.

The role of the member in Your Success Advantage is simply to send visitors to the lead capture funnels provided in the system. Your job is to become experts at getting good quality traffic in the highest volume possible.

You do not have to learn how to create lead capture funnels, setup email autoresponders, write compelling email copy, find products your audience wants to buy, and then figure out how to get them to buy them. That is the hard part that we do for you.

Your Success Advantage

You get a sophisticated marketing system, designed and managed by experts, but you only have to do one part of the puzzle. Get traffic that converts. Watch the next video to see how to create a traffic generating system that delivers a large volume of high quality visitors to your pages.

Take Your Challenge with Your Success Advantage!

Press Release comments:

This is certainly a well written Release, and it gets at the fundamental pieces of IM in a realistic way. He certainly hit on the IM difficulty and how most people just give up after they discover how hard it is to gain trust and get the very elusive sale. Certainly aroused my interest.Francis Cassady

Thanks for sharing Richard Millner