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Minimum wage outbreak – protect yourself.

Here is an analysis made by Dan Lok about housing situation in Canada (I live in Toronto and can relate).

I want to share with you a disturbing statistic I came across the other day...

 In my city Vancouver there are 70 neighborhoods. And out of those 70 neighbourhoods, do you know how many of them minimum-wage workers can afford to live in?

 It’s a very easy number to remember…


 And I’m not talking about buying a condo or a property…

 I’m not talking about renting in the city centre or renting some 2 or 3 bedroom apartment somewhere...

 I’m just talking about renting ONE single bedroom apartments.

 According to The Star Vancouver - minimum wage workers can’t afford a one bedroom apartment ANYWHERE in Vancouver.

 And minimum-wage workers would need up to DOUBLE what they curently make to afford a one bedroom rental in most parts of Vancouver.

 And as housing keeps becoming more expensive, it’s going to get worse.

 So how do they survive?

 Well. They have to get creative.

 Some live very far out of town (2 hours away by car) and they commute for hours every day.

 Some team up and pool their resources together and get as many roommates as possible. 

 And others just work two full-time jobs…

 Anything they can do to make it.



Minimum Wage Isn’t Just A Problem In Vancouver

 Toronto, the largest city in Canada, has the same problem. 

 And in the U.S., there’s NO single state where a minimum-wage 40-hour worker can afford any comfortable two-bedroom apartment...

 It’s really bad.

 If you’re going through this like I did.

 Or if you know someone that is going through this, let me just tell you right now...

 You have to do something about this FAST. Because it’s not going to get easier.

 I remember when I was working a minimum wage job like yesterday.

 People didn’t appreciate me. I was replaceable. And the longer I worked - the harder it became to break out.

 The debt started to build up.

 I had to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag while my mom slept on the bed.

 And we were even afraid at times of getting kicked out of our apartment.

 ...with no idea where we would go.

 And that was almost two decades ago! Back when rent was cheaper.

 So I can’t imagine how people are still making it happen today.


This is serious , and it’s getting more difficult every. single. month.

 Getting a 4-year education isn’t enough now. Getting two jobs only fixes this problem in the short term.

 And if you already have a family or want to start one... pooling with other minimum wage workers won’t work either.

 You need something else.

 A competitive advantage.


Now it’s going to take you some work. And I don’t know if this is going to work for everyone…

 But this complimentary training  may just be what you need to start protecting yourself and your future...

 Tens of thousands have taken this training and many more are going through it.


Get started with training today.

 P.S. Even if you don’t have to personally deal with minimum wage struggles at this point…

 Housing is just getting more and more expensive. And inflation is growing faster than most incomes are...

 So minimum-wage workers are not the only ones in trouble anymore either!

 Teachers, nurses, and even firefighters are finding it harder and harder to live in the city...

 If you’re not rapidly growing - you’re falling behind.

 Now is the time to do something about it. 

 Here’s the link to the training again. 

Until Next time.


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Great Press Release Yuri Grin, thanks for sharing a better way...And Congrats again on being Featured member of The Day, Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI