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Journey to success is not a sprint; It''s a marathon

What kind of Runner Are You?

May be you have a deep desire to find a way to make money online. Maybe you want to quit your offline job that you hate. Maybe you just want to make a little extra money to supplement your retirement income.

Both of these dreams are possible, if you are patient and avoid “shiny object syndrome”. The journey to reliable online income is a marathon, not a a sprint.

Having the right mindset and expectations is one of the most important differences between those who ultimately succeed and those who fail.

If you have the mindset of a sprinter, and you just want to find a way to get the first 100 yards of the journey as quickly as possible, then you are probably going to end up a victim. A victim of people who promise fast results with little work and small investments of money. Sprinters end up falling for the “get rich quick” schemes, or believing that the way to online riches is to find the “latest and greatest” money making opportunity.

I have been in this business for almost 20 years, and I have seen it over and over again. So much money wasted and so many dreams dashed by people who try to get results quickly and who don’t follow the right path. It is a crying shame.

What scares me the most is that I see people falling for these schemes over and over again. The same people promoting program after program with the latest buzz-words inserted. Crypto this and CBD that. The buzz words change, but the programs are all still a sham that take people’s money on the promise of fast riches that never come.

I see the same people who ran the last “money making opportunity of the decade” starting up new ones after the old one went bust. There are always more victims out there. They grab what they can, shut things down, rinse and repeat, leaving thousands of victims in their wake.

Journey to success is not a sprint it is a marathon

In contrast, I am a marathon runner, not a sprinter. I suggest that you take the mindset of a marathon runner as well.

Marathon runners are not concerned with their time in the first 100 yards of the race. They know that the key to success is to keep a steady pace over the entire 26 miles. If they go too hard at the beginning, then they will run out of steam and never make it to the end. They use strategies and tactics that will pay off in the long-run, not in the short term.

It took me 3 years of working every evening and every weekend before I reached the point where I could leave my full-time job and rely on my online income. I was in a marathon, not a sprint. However, because I built a business on a solid foundation, I am still here earning a full-time income more than 16 years later. My first program, launched in 2001, is still going strong 19 years later. That is a rarity in the online world. All of the programs I started are still in business. Marathon runners change approach, but they do not give up.

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Yuri Grin.

Press Release comments:

Although I came out of the gate in a sprint, I have taken on the marathon mindset. I believe the WHY has a lot to do with how well you do in any part of the race to success.

My needs because of my cause has always been more than I could raise without a viable business. For the most part I have been able to make ends meet with what I earned online. Lately the residual income (not from MLM) has simplified my life.
Dennis Thorgesen

Thanks for sharingRichard Millner

Well said and well written Yuri!Tom Riach