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Is Your Current Pain Reliever Dangerous?

Is Your Current Pain Reliever Dangerous?

Recent FDA warnings have consumers concerned about their painkillers.  The statement says:

 “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is strengthening an existing label warning that non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke.”(1) NSAIDs include any drug that includes aspirin, motrin, ibuprofin and dozens of other over the counter painkillers. This warning comes after a decades of research showing these same painkillers increase the risk of liver damage by 5-10x. (2) Is it time to change your go-to pain reliever?

If you suffer from sore muscles or achy joints…

Topical pain cream is one of the BEST ways to get relief fast.

But there’s just one problem:

Most topical pain creams are NOT strong enough to provide lasting relief.


Because they’re missing the #1 most-powerful natural pain reliever on the planet:


So our friends at Prosper CBD decided to change that.

They put their team of scientists and researchers to work, and combined a handful of proven pain relievers, including:

– Arnica Menthol Castor oil Willow bark extract And aloe vera

– Along with Mother Nature’s #1 natural painkiller:

– Full-spectrum CBD.

– Grown and harvested right here in the USA.

The end result?

Prosper CBD Pain Freeze Cream, the #1 most-powerful topical pain cream ever made.

Our Hemp Grower is Family

We know exactly where our hemp comes from.
We know exactly where our hemp comes from: Local Colorado farmers.
Just like Chaz’s cousin, Todd.
Our farmers use only natural, clean farming techniques, with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides… and their water is Rocky Mountain pure.
Our extraction lab is also FDA and GMP approved.
Using CO2 extraction, our CBD has one of the highest bioavailability scores on the market.
Can your hemp and CBD provider say that?

CBD Pain Freeze Cream

If you’ve ever tried popular pain relief creams like Arnica or Voltaren before…

Then you already know the problem with them:

They provide a little bit of relief at first… but their effects quickly wear off.

Fact is, they’re simply NOT strong enough to provide deep, lasting relief for achy joints or sore muscles.

But that’s also why I wanted to share some exciting news with you:

The folks over at Prosper CBD just released their brand new CBD Pain Freeze Cream!

Thanks to full-spectrum CBD (Mother Nature’s #1 natural painkiller) this Pain Freeze Cream is 4x stronger than Arnica or Voltaren.

(Arnica IS a key part of this custom formulation, though…)

Anyway, the best part?

Our CBD Pain Freeze Cream starts working INSTANTLY to soothe sore muscle and achy joints.

And, to celebrate its official release…

They’re even giving away FREE jars to select VIP customers!

To find out how to claim yours today, just click here:

Click here to get more details =

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