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Yuri Grin

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Financial stress comes from living paycheck to paycheck.

Here is a proven way to solve financial stress

Financial stress comes from living paycheck to paycheck.

You make just enough money to make ends meet.


There is a good solution to alleviate the stress, but it is temporary.

However, it is something you should consider:


1) List out all your existing expenses and cut out 

   all the expenses you don’t need. 

   That Netflix that is costing you time and money. 

   That gym membership you haven’t used in several months. 

   That Amazon Prime that is sucking your time away from you.

2) Sell stuff you don’t need. Yep, you heard me. 

   Go around your house and start selling the junk 

   that is laying around doing nothing. 

   Put it up on Facebook Marketplace and get rid of it.


Sorry to be so blunt, but these 2 simple actions 

are actionable steps you can do to take control 

over your finances.


But I can also tell you, even if you do these 2 things

in the next week or two, it is NOT enough.


You need to start a SECOND source of income TODAY. 

Build something concurrent, build something sustainable, 

that can give you that extra boost to alleviate stress 

for the long term.


The solution is in a video presentation.

Go here ===> 


If you are stressed financially, don’t you dare click off 

this email without saving your spot 

in this video presentation.


And don’t you go to bed without deciding to take actions 

with 1 & 2 above. Take action. 

Take control of your situation.


Can’t wait to see what you do with this.

PS: What's money? A man is a success 

    if he gets up in the morning 

    and goes to bed at night and in between does 

    what he wants to do. (Bob Dylan)


Mt. Tam Van and Bike

Did you know that according to a recent survey by Charles Schwab only 25% of people have a financial plan and that 60% of people live paycheck to paycheck?


  1. People in the top 10% of wealth tend to have plans and be active planners (so it’s a good practice to build and maintain a plan).
  2. 45% of people without plans believe that their finances don’t merit one (which is not true - everyone can benefit from the education and sense of control that comes from building a plan).

Some solutions can be find in affiliate programs:  see this program

All the best


Press Release comments:

Happy Featured Member day Yuri - well done, enjoy a real fun time. I believe that all stress is self induced, therefore the answer to a stress free life is, as you say,in your own hands. It takes courage and it takes action but a sublime life (without stress) awaits all those prepared to claim their own future.Tom Riach

Great PR, Yuri. Excellent tips for anyone to get started.Brenetta Jackson