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"Bamboo" principle revealed by Dan Lok

Read this story…(NOTE: at the end I will suggest more information on how to apply the knowledge of this PR)

Have you ever seen bamboo in the wild? (posted and emailed to my inbox by Dan Lok)

If you haven’t, it looks a lot like this.

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Now. What a lot of people don’t know about bamboo is that it’s an ‘overnight success’.

Let me explain…

You see, while all the other plants are growing around it,
the bamboo plant stays nestled underground.

For years … it just lies in the dirt as life seems to pass it by.

And there are no signs of growth above the surface.

(You wouldn’t even know it’s there.)

But while it looks asleep, the bamboo is actually growing roots underground.

It stretches out to build a well-developed root system.
And it will call upon these roots when the time is right…

Then, after five long years, the bamboo starts to show signs of life.

It emerges hesitantly from the cold, spring soil at first…

But then suddenly, it shoots up – every day faster and faster.

That’s why it’s called a “bamboo shoot”.

One inch a day. Two inches a day. Three inches a day.

Faster than all the other plants around it.

Soon, it’s shooting skywards at a rate of several feet per day!

And within just two months – the bamboo is fully grown…

Sometimes 100 feet tall.

Incredible, right?

The Secret To Overnight Success

I believe it’s the same with success.

You see, people think success should come quickly…

They have a go at something for a few weeks –
then when they don’t see progress, they give up and say:

“Oh this doesn’t work!”

“I tried my best!”

“This is a scam.”

But is that the truth?

Or is that just a lie they tell themselves to feel better?

You tell me…

Anyway. That attitude just tells me they’re full of crap.

Almost anything worthwhile in life takes time.

It took me YEARS before I finally tasted success…

When I first got into business, I worked 12 to 14 hours every single damn day for 5 years straight.

Not one single day off.

And while my friends back then laughed at me.

And people told me to give up.

And they told me I was wasting my time.

I didn’t listen.

I had a dream and.

“I don’t care how long it takes me – I’m going to do whatever the f*ck it takes”

And that’s what I want you to take away from this email Yuri.

It’s hard in the beginning. I remember what it’s like.

It feels like there’s no progress sometimes!

But think back to bamboo…

What happened after it grew roots?

Didn’t it shoot up and become one of the strongest and tallest plants of the forest?

Think about that.


It’ll Be The Same For You Too

Just like bamboo, once you make your breakthrough, you will grow. Faster and faster.

Higher than everyone around you. You’ll be unstoppable.

And when others call you an overnight success, you can smile to yourself.

Knowing the real secret to your success…

Knowing that the copycats and wannabes won’t be willing to put in the work that you did to succeed…

And you’ll be enjoying the view from above.

Be like bamboo.

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