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Velma Joseph

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Video comments:

Thanks for your visit, encouragement and generous rating Chari ~ blessings and continued success!Velma Joseph

Thank you for sharing a refuge of peace in the world of do more and I do not have time. I took time to listen to the words and the images were calming.
chari ogogo

Thanks for your visit, great support and generous rating Dorothy ~ much prosperity!Velma Joseph

Thanks for sharing this soothing video Velma, I enjoyed it!Dorothy Allen

Thanks for your visit, encouragement and generous rating Greg ~ continued prosperity!Velma Joseph

It's so cool that when we see Jesus, no matter what crowns we have receive, we gladly lay at His feet because He is the only one truly worthy.Greg Ray

Thanks for your visit and encouragement Matt ~ massive success!Velma Joseph

Great Velma! We do all things through Christ!Matt Purvis

Thanks for your visit, tweet and great support SIG ~ much prosperity!Velma Joseph

That Video Deserve a good Tweet! GO IBO!Sig Skeie