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Video comments:

Thanks for your visit, support and great IBO spirit NATE; blessings and continued success in ALL your endeavors! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

Thanks for visiting, caring, sharing, and listening to this amazing video, also, your great IBO spirit :) JASON Y, JOSEPH M and ELIZABETH T ~ blessings and much success on your journey to Financial Freedom! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

Great video!Nate Manzelli

Great video!Nate Manzelli

Such expressions of great IBO spirit; thanks for visiting, listening to this wonderful video, your encouragement and generous rating :) JASON, SIG, DEAN, LESLIE, TERRY, DAWN, MARIA, BILL and HELEN ~ blessings and much prosperity on your journey to Financial Freedom! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

very nice - what a talent - who says there's no "nice music" that you can really enjoy. Thanks for sharing.Bill Bateman

I love this one! Thank you Thank you Her voice is beautiful!Maria Solana

Velma, liked and shared on linkedin. Blessings to youi!Elizabeth Tinker

Wow I just heard a angel I think ! Velma absolutely wonderful , thank you x

Beautiful Velma, just beautiful! This song is very touching and inspiring. Blessings to you!Terry Galtney

Thank you for the blessing of song and worship. Much needed.Leslie Goodwin

Great video Velma. Thanks for posting this for our IBO family to see it. Very inspiring song. Happy Mother's Day!Dean Corbitt

Shared for you. May God bless you & your family.Jason Yost

I say one word: Fantastic!Sig Skeie

Thank you, Velma. That was a blessing to me. (Today has been trying.) I hope and pray that God blesses you and your family abundantly in all ways.Jason Yost

Thanks for visiting, listening to this marvelous video, your encouragement, great IBO spirit and generous rating :) DOROTHY ~ blessings and much success! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

Great song, thanks for sharing the Blessing Velma - I dedicate this song to you and all my friends. God bless! Dorothy Allen