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Video comments:

Thanks :) Michael Alvanos and John Aiken ~ for visiting, taking this video from the archives, your encouraging comments and great IBO spirit ~ Happy New Year ~ blessings and massive success in 2016 and beyond! Grateful and Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph

Whitney truly had a beautiful voice,thanks for sharing Velma.John Aiken

I enjoyed Whitney Houston's rendition of 'The Battle Hymn of The Republic" . I am Australian and we sometimes find these sort of American events over the top. But I didn't realize until the camera panned across the audience that it was a special event dedicated to fallen comrades. As an Australian I can understand that as we call it "Mate-ship" being a mate or as you Americans call it Buddy.Michael Alvanos

Thanks for your visit, encouragement, great IBO spirit and generous rating Dorothy; blessings and continued success! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

Whitney was such a great singer, and the crowd loved her too; thanks for sharing this great video as we celebrate our service men and women Velma, God bless you and family on this Memorial Day! DorothyDorothy Allen