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Video comments:

You are very welcome Velma.Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Thanks for your visits, kindness, encouragement, expressions of great IBO spirit and generous ratings :) Robyn P and Carolyn C ~ blessings and continued prosperity in ALL your endeavors!Velma Joseph

I love this song. So encouraging. Keep smiling it is just what has to be done. Let the sun shine on you and make you smile. This song reminds me of the scripture, let your light so shine that others will see your good works and glorify our father in heaven. Thanks VelmaCarolyn Coleman-Grady

Velma this is such an awesome song. I love it had to listen again.Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Velma, I love this video, it is very encouraging. I love them only. Blessing. We must keep smiling it just important bring the sun to your face and shine.Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Commented, rated, liked and tweeted for you Velma.Robyn Pelzer

Man Velma, I remember when this was made. thanks for sharing. Awesome Video. Sometimes we forget. Continued Success and Blessings to you always.Robyn Pelzer

Thanks for your visit, encouragement and great IBO spirit :) Charles Harris and William Dean ~ blessings and continued success!Velma Joseph

Thanks for your visit, encouragement, generous rating and great IBO spirit Kathy S; blessings and continued prosperity! Grateful and Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph

Great work Velma. It fits right in here.William Dean

Hi Velma. Wishing you success and good fortune.Charles Harris

Velma that was beautiful! Thanks for sharing.