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Reasons Why Most Don't Become Wealthy


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Thanks Dorothy for visiting, your support and great IBO spirit ~ blessings and continued success in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph

Great video; thanks Velma for sharing on becoming wealthy or not - Enjoy your weekend!Dorothy Allen

Thanks :) Donald Marshall and Dorothy Allen ~ for your visits, encouraging comments, support, great IBO spirit and generous ratings ~ blessings and massive success in ALL your endeavors! Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph

Great video, very informative - thanks for sharing these reasons why people don't become wealthy - God bless!Dorothy Allen

THANKS for Ur UnSelfish SUPPORT, Velma! Hope It's Been A BLESSED W/End! "Reciprocity Marketing" by "ENGAGING-IBO-Spirit!" - Keeps-Us Linked. "Social Psychology at Work!" Great Concept & Spirit! IBO MOTTO! Thanks-MUCH-Paul! GREAT Video CONTENT Velma, THANKS for Sharing: "5 Reasons Why Most Don't Become Wealthy!"... in IBO-Spirit-HALO, to Show-It-Off! SUCCESS & BLESSINGS & HEALING to-U & Loved-Ones!
Donald Marshall