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Thanks for your visit, encouragement, great IBO spirit and generous rating Doug ~ blessings and continued success on your journey to Financial Freedom! Congratulations again on been FMOTD ~ GO IBO! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

A very inspirational and moving video:) You're Great Velma for sharing and blessing us all with this video:)Doug Leclair

I'd love to watch your Video! Then signing out and saying Good night or Good morning where ever you are:) Doug Leclair

Thanks for your visits, tweets and great IBO spirit :) Coach Kim and Christine Icochea ~ blessings and continued success in All endeavors! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

tweeted as well!Christine I.

bump n tweet Lady V!!!Coach Kim

Thanks for your visit, encouragement, great IBO spirit and generous rating Dorothy ~ blessings and continued success! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

Great video Velma, I always look forward to listen to your videos and read your posts, you really make my day with this one, thank you very much! God bless you!Dorothy Allen

Thanks for your visit, encouragement and great IBO spirit Marian; blessings and continued success!Velma Joseph

Truly Inspiring!Marian Gurowicz

Thanks for visiting, caring, sharing and your great IBO spirit Don S ~ blessings and continued success in ALL your endeavors! Grateful VelmaVelma Joseph

A TB&L for my friend VelmaDon Sabelhaus