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Video comments:

Thanks for visiting, your kind words, encouragement, great IBO spirit and generous rating EVET ~ blessings and continued success in ALL your endeavors!Velma Joseph

Awesome! Great reminder and thanks for bringing to me right now... I truly needed it. Blessings and Joy to you!Eyvette W J Turner

Thanks for your visits, kind words, encouragement, expressions of great IBO spirit and generous rating :) Carolyn, Victor, Chris C and SIG ~ massive success in ALL your endeavors! Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph

Great one!! Something to clear our minds and get some energy!
Sig Skeie

Now that's a voice, thanks for sharing Velma!Chris Caldon

Great song and messageVictor Nicholas

Thank you for sharing this Video. It is a great song and honor. Thank youCarolyn Coleman-Grady