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Video comments:

Thanks for visiting, your great IBO spirit and generous rating :) Dorothy, Cee Cee and Chris C ~ blessings and continued success in ALL your endeavors!Velma Joseph

Love it Velma! That guy is too cool! Thanks for sharing that & keep em coming!Chris Caldon

I absolutely agree and love it!Cee Cee H Caldwell

No test, no testimony; I like that. Thanks for sharing Velma.Dorothy Allen

Thanks for your visits, encouragement and great IBO spirit :) Elizabeth, Victor and SIG ~ blessings and much prosperity!Velma Joseph

Had to get this video out to the masses!!! Good post! TWEETSig Skeie

Focus on your goals and you'll have the life you designVictor Nicholas

Velma, I do want the life that I design and I am willing to work to make it happen. Thanks for sharing. Go IBO!Elizabeth Tinker