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We Acknowledge, But One Motive - To Follow The Truth As We know it, Whithersoever It May Lead Us… Mortimer Adler

Entrepreneurs have had reasons to start businesses and, by identifying that reason or motive, prospecting can be made easy.

Motives can be time freedom – spending more time with ones family; debt freedom – paying off ones bills, without owing anyone; to wake-up when one is finished sleeping; to go on vacation without having to request time off, or rushing back before one is ready; or not working for anyone, and definitely, not punching a time-clock.

"We acknowledge but one motive - to follow the truth as we know it, whithersoever it may lead us; but in our heart of hearts we are well assured that the truth which has made us free, will in the end make us glad also." ~ Mortimer Adler

When prospecting, one should find out the real reason a prospect wants to go into business, or use his or her products; then, uniquely fulfilling the prospect’s needs.  It's not recommended to sign up a person as an associate, knowing that he or she is only interested in using the product and vice versa.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” ~ Jim Rohn

One should always encourage his or her prospects, to ask as many questions as possible; then, he or she can determine by their questions, what his or her motives or needs are, for wanting to partner with him or her; and present the opportunity, to fulfill those particular needs.

Grateful and Victorious Velma

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The truth is that you are Featured Member today, the 11th May, Velma - enjoy a wonderful time!Tom Riach

Good advice on qualifying prospects and more. Good qoutes again Velma.Tommy Olsson

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. AMEN!Todd Treharne

Everything stated was on point Velma! Having the right data (TRUTH) can help one come up with great ideas to help others via the value that provides the correct solution to those seeking the information!Spencer Taylor Jr

Great quote and fundamental idea. I'll take a look!Michael Arcand

Follow the truth beats follow the money every time Velma - and it's more profitable too!Tom Riach

Yeah, never bring a person into a MLM type opportunity in which it doesn't fit at all. You can tell if you talk to the enquirer, and get a feeling for where they're at, and the way they view the opportunity. It's better to forego, even a pro signup, if they don't fit...albeit sometimes that can be difficult to ascertain.Complete honesty always trumps deception, even if you have to sacrifice. At the end of the day you have to look at your face in the mirror...you better like what you see. Good thoughts from you, thanks Velma.Francis Cassady

Excellent PR; thanks Velma for sharing with us - blessings and continued success in all that you do - Happy Saturday!Dorothy Allen