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No One To Encourage You? Don’t Use As An Excuse To Fail; Encourage Yourself, And Use As A Reason, Why You Must Succeed… Kevin Ngo

“Every day, a new opportunity to decide where your next step will go is given to you. Your future will be determined by the accumulation of these daily decisions. You control your steps and therefore your destiny, so choose wisely.” ~ Kevin Ngo

As one journeys through life, he or she has had some downtime, and feelings of discouragement, that needed morale-boosting; but, he or she should take heart, and have hopes, knowing that, there’s always another chance to be transformed, to a fulfilled and happy life; be it encouragement of oneself, or support from another.

“It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals.” ~ Fred Allen

One should be supportive and encourage his or her friends, family ~ parents, spouse and especially children; who may not say anything, but they will welcome, are strengthened, appreciate and thrive best, by another’s caring, or being concerned.

“Encourage those around you by never giving up on your dreams.” ~ Unknown

If at some point one misses an opportunity to bring that ‘Diamond’ into his or her business, he or she should be encouraged, knowing that, the race is not for the swift, but for those who can endure to the end; there’s always another chance. 

“If you have no one to encourage you, instead of using that as an excuse for failure, encourage yourself and use that as a reason why you must succeed.” ~ Kevin Ngo

Grateful and Victorious Velma

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Excellent PR; thanks Velma for sharing a great selection of inspiring quotes with us - blessings and happy Sunday!Dorothy Allen

Velma Joseph, you have come again today with a very special one here, thanks for sharing this life changing encouraging words with us, God bless you real good...Sunny Dominion