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Indecision Is A Virus, That Can Run Through An Army, And Destroy Its Will To Win, Or Even To Survive… Wendell Maye

“Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in concert with others, but to survive as ourselves, rather than simply as cogs in a wheel, we have to act alone." ~ Deborah Tannen

“It is the cells which create and maintain in us, during the span of our lives, our will to live and survive, to search and experiment, and to struggle.” ~ Albert Claude

"But when you're deprived of it for a lengthy period then you value human companionship. But you have to survive and so you devise all kinds of mental exercises and it's amazing." ~ Wole Soyinka

“It used to be that people needed products to survive. Now products need people to survive.” ~ Nicholas Johnson

“Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities.” ~ Tom Brady

“Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy its will to win or even to survive.” ~ Wendell Mayes

“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

“All you may need to be happy is love, but to survive you need money!” ~ Jason Zebehazy

"Let there be no illusions about the difficulty of forming this kind of a national community. It's tough, difficult, not easy. But a spirit of harmony will survive in America only if each of us remembers that we share a common destiny." ~ Barbara Jordan  

Grateful and Victorious Velma

Press Release comments:

Many great qoutes again Velma that makes a person reflect. I love the first qoute; "Indecision Is A Virus, That Can Run Through An Army, And Destroy Its Will To Win, Or Even To Survive…"Tommy Olsson

Gotta love Robert H. Schuller's positivism that hold s so true now not unlike other tough periods ,like the Great depression, WW1 and WW2. Trying to find out when Wendell Maye lived? That statement sounds like it could be the Civil War as disease killed many more soldiers than actual fighting. But the analogy is certainly correct.Hope you don't mind me coming in literal here, I'm kind of a history buff. But you have to abide Barbara Jordan 's message: "But a spirit of harmony will survive in America only if each of us remembers that we share a common destiny". Thank you!Francis Cassady

Hello Velma, thank you for some very informative quotes ,I especially like the one by Nicholas Johnson, how true it is!John Aiken

Once again Velma, a super post with a highly appropriate message. Thanks for this, a really worthwhile read.Tom Riach

Your comments are so powerful and true. The word grateful hits close to the heart. We much be grateful for all we have been given.Carrie Jackson

Thanks Everyone for visiting, commenting and your great IBO spirit ~ blessings and continued success in all your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious Velma Velma Joseph

Thanks Velma for sharing this great selection of quotes with us - blessings and happy Monday!Dorothy Allen

Love the comment on the products but all are so true. Thank you for the great start for the week with inspiration!Micky Gramlin

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and having a blessed and Marvelous Monday! Grateful and Compassionate Velma Velma Joseph