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Always Remember, To Put Your Anxieties, And Troubles, In God’s Hand; He Fixes Everything…

One may be going through some difficulties; however, when he or she thinks of others, for instance, a friend, a business associate or even a relative; listen to them when asked ‘how they are’, usually they will reply ‘ I’m fine, or I’m ok’ but, are they actually okay?  If they tell of their true feelings, can anyone help them in any way? 

As one experiences disasters such as the coronavirus epidemic, feelings of pains and suffering makes him or her wonder and question God’s existence; but, take heart, the Heavenly Father is always present in ones life, and He has never given any person, more than he or she can bear.

“This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” ~ Nehemiah 8: 10b

On occasion, one needs to have a little difficulty in his or her life, to let him or her see and know that they ought to be appreciative of these difficulties.

It's a great idea for one to keep a daily journal, and, for every disappointment or difficulty, he or she should enter two things that they are grateful for.  It will be amazing, as one becomes mindful and appreciative, after looking back on entries of those disappointing days. Just imagine, circumstances could have been worse…

As one becomes anxious, and troubles come and go, he or she has to be strong, and always remember, to put them in God’s Hand, for, He fixes Everything!

Grateful and Victorious Velma

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Back to the top.Brenetta Jackson

Amen sis Velma, very well said in your blog, thanks so much and blessings always. Sharon Naraine

Excellent PR, very inspirational; thanks Velma for sharing, and reminding us that - no matter how difficult things may seem, our God is always ready to help; He fixes everything - stay blessed and happy Monday!Dorothy Allen

Velma Joseph, a very super encouraging word you have here, thanks for sharing, God bless you..Sunny Dominion

Uplifting and much needed post you have shared with us all
Thank You Velma
Graham Commander

My grandmother kept a journal. They are now an interesting read. I have kept a business journal going for 20 years for my granddaughters in case they or a future generation want to read about my experience of starting and maintaining a business. Thank you for your Monday inspiration as always!Micky Gramlin

Thanks for sharing these words about the joy and peace that come from holding fast to our faith in God, Velma. Patricia Reynolds

Thanks Patricia Reynolds and Micky Gramlin ~ for visiting, your encouraging comments and great IBO spirit ~ blessings and massive success in all your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious VelmaVelma Joseph