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What is long tail keywords?

What is it and why should you use them?

What Is Long Tail Keywords And Why Should You Use Long Tail Keywords?

I will explain that in a moment.

 My NO 1 recommendation

So what is long tail keywords? Hi there , Tommy Olsson here. Long tail keywords are multiple keywords after one another. It can be a phrase or a question. For instance; what are some effective ways of making money. Then the focus keyword can be "making money" Long tail keywords can generate a lot of free  traffic to your blog or website, and those keywords are easier to rank for then to use for instance one keyword. 

My NO! recommendation  Long tail keywords are easier to rank for then one single focus keyword. you should always use keywords with low competition. Those are easiest to rank for.  When it comes to using long tail keywords for your blog, then know that at least will take two months before you see any significant results. Always use long tail keywords with a low amount of competition, because those keywords are easier to rank for.You are welcome to leave your comments to this press release about what is long tail keywords . 

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson. 




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