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What are the necessary tools for running a online business?


Tommy Olsson here.

In thosis pres release I want to share some input on the tools you need for your online business, in order to run it smoothly. There are two more that may be more important to have then any other tool. And that is a capture page and a autoresponder. This so that you can build your list and send emails to that list whenever you like to. Other tools that you should use in your business is siomne type of tracking software, to track your conversatons and your results. Because you need to find out hat works in your business and in your promotions and what does not. If you are not foing any tracking then you have no idea what so ever what should be imnprobved in your marketing efforts.


Traffic is not a tool naturally, it is more like a necessary resource for your business. Trafficm good traffic/ is like the fasolibne for a car for your business growth. Without traffic then your business is dead... If you can't afford paid traffic then use free traffic to make some sales, then combine free traffic and invest some of your profits into paid traffic.

 Because you should always re invest a big amount of your traffic back into your business.

I hope you found some good tips through this PR. Click this if you want to get paid to build your list, get free sales funnels and be able to make 500 dollars per costumers, as well as having the opportunity to win a luxury car.


Tommy Olsson

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