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Tutorial-Easily make video thumbnails with Canva

Canva video thumbnail tutorial

Tutorial- Easily Make Video Thumbnails With Canva  Hey, Tommy Olsson here.

In this tutorial about how to make video thumbnails with Canva I will show you how easy it can be. You can also make video thumbnails for free with Canva however if you upgrade you get access to more quality images that can help you to stand out.. The upgrade is not that expensive I believe it costs about 16 dollars per month. To get your hands on attention grabbing and quality images should be worth it, but the free images looks pretty good anyway as well.

Always use them

You should always use video thumbnails each time you are uploading a video, because that gives you an advantage on those video creators that are not using them. But make sure to only upload  quality and good looking video thumbnails every time. Your video thumbnails should capture your viewers attention, curiosity and interest. Using video thumbnails actually improve the search engine optimisation of your videos as well.

Check on your competition...

 Make sure to make all text and images on your thumbnails really big so that your audience can see exactly what your video thumbnail and video are all about. Look at your competitions video thumbnails and try to make your thumbnails better then theirs. M,. Thank you for reading. 

Best wishes, 

Tommy Olsson. 



Make video thumbnails 

Make video thumbnails

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Thank you for posting, Tommy. Very good information.Brenetta Jackson