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Pinterest updates 2020 That will benefit sellers at Pinterest

Find out what the changes are...

Pnterest Updates 2020

There has been some exciting updates taking place on Pinterest recently,so I thought that I should share them with you now... Hi everyone, Tommy Olsson here. These updates will really benefit everyone that are selling or want to get started with selling at Pinterest. Because it will be easier to find differwnt products provided by the sellers at Pinterest. The paid advertising will also become more effective and easy. There has been some improvements to the storefront as well on this social platform. It is free to set up an account, but if you want to make money with Pinterst then I recommend that you set up a business account. That is also free to do. You can drive traffic to your cont on Pinterest with hash tagging. 

Pinterest tool

There is a good pinterest tool called Tailwind as well that is great when sharing images from any webpage. It comes with a freee trial as well. It has a Google Chrome extension that you neeed to install.

 My NO1 recommendation on making money online.  

With Pinterest you can drive a ton of targeted traffic tomyour blog or website, and there are also free methods to drive that traffic as well.  Because you can drive traffic to your content on Pinterest with hash tagging. Have a great day. 

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Pinterest updates 2020 

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