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Tommy Olsson

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Learning by doing

Learning by doing...

You can get better at things that you repeatedly are doing. that is when you have someone to guide or a course to so to say go back to. take this with writing emails for instance. Sure it helps to have a course to go back to when maybe feeling uncertain about how you should write the emails. But by applying what you find in that email ad copy writing course in your emails, and repeatedly practising you get better at writing those emails. That is the approach that we that are students at Partner with Anthony are using.

 Because this week we have a sort of "home work to deliver until our weekly webinar training on Thursday. Yes, we should write all together 10 emails 5 each within two different topics. Now those who manage to create really good emails can get rewarded with getting paid for those emails. Because Anthony will buy them... Even if not everyone is the best in different areas that we do home work about, Anthony wants us to practise this way, because it is good for our development as marketers. I also think it is a great idea. He will coach you for just 7 dollars a month. If you should not be pleased with your purchase you can always ask for a refund. Hit this to get started.

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Tommy Olsson.

Press Release comments:

I have found the best way to invite creativity is ask people to lie, in a specific area (which you choose). This lets people think outside the box and helps them when they have to be creative with the truth. Replying with a lie helps your own creativity. Dennis Thorgesen

Great Press Release Tommy Olsson 7 Dollars to success...Thanks for sharing but, check your links. :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

The simplest guidance is most often the best Tommy and practice makes perfect for sure!Tom Riach

Doing is obviously key to getting better and as you repeat stuff you learn. You also learn as you teach. Creativity is also very important and writing emails is an opportune time to spawn creativity. Good thoughts, thank you.Francis Cassady