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How to get more traffic to your blog by automating your Pinterest marketing

This is a sort of review or tutorial of a great tool/ software called Tailwind. I have recently started to use it myself. What this tool will do for you and have your pinning being done even when you sleep. Yo get 100 free pins and then it will cost you just 10 dollars per month. So how does it work? Well you can set up multiple pins that you want to be pinned all around the clock. Then there are these tribes/ groups that you should join to get even more traffic to your pins and your blog post. Because by pinning other tribe members content they will do the same for you. 

And if the tribes are really active then you can get a lot more free traffic to your blog and pins. Pinning once or twice a day is not enough, you need to pin a lot more that is why this Tailwind tool comes in handy. Because if you should pin manually well that would take quite some time during the day. Tailwind will take care of the pinning for you while you do other things in your marketing. You can also automate your posting on Instagram with this tool.There are step by step tutorials on Tailwind that show you in detail how everything works. You can try out Tailwind here


Tommy Olsson

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