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Hiow to make money with Medium

Hi everyone

Tommy Olsson here.

Do you like to write, do you like to be blogging?

Yes you can make money through a blog but what I am about to share with you is a little bit different.,

At Medium.com you can create a free account, and when you set up a free account you can join Mediums partnership program. Now when you share your valuable content on sociall media in differnt ways and people read your articles, you can make money. 

Getting more views...

You can also use a site called toppubs.smedian. where you can syncronize your articles so that you will recieve more views for them.  How? Well Medium pays uts partners in the geninning of every month, and the longer posts yyou write and the more posts you are creating, the more money you can make. When you create your first post it takes a few days before Medium see its value and this way share tit with otgher Medium members, so they may read your post. So this can make so that you make more money by getting these other members to read your content. That is why you should aim to share as much value in your blog posts as possible. Now, Medium will send payments to stripe, and if you do not have a stripe account then it is easy to set up.

So this is a nice free way of making some money from your content and to get paid monthly fromit..

Good luck.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson

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