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Have you missed it?

If you have missed out learning what Crowd1 is then by reading this pr you will find out a lot about what crowd1 have to offer.

What it is and what it is not...

Crowd1 is not crowdfunding.it is not a business where you can buy shares. It is the biggest social platform an aquitition platform. This platform is valuable for all businesses  that want to make more profits. Why? Because when they partner with Crowd1 then the Crowd1 members will share the benefits with their company and help them gain more clients.

Being safe

Crowd1 offers a safety app, for now it is just available to people living in south Africa. Should you need help by a safety guard, the police or if you need quick medical help then this app is very valuable. Just by shaking the phone you will get in contact with someone who quickly can assist you. This safety app will spread to oither countries in the future.


Crowd1 have partnered with a huge travel business based in the USA by the name of Lifetrends. So when the situation with the covid15 has become better you can save big on flights and all your traveling.

Online games

Crowd1 collaborates with gaming companies, this platform is not a gaming site or business, but as I have mentioned the Crowd1 promotes different businesses,and these gaming sites as well.

Epic promotion

Right now there is a epic promotion again,it will last for 10 more days. That means when you join at any level you get upgraded for free to the next level in the compensation plan. So the higher you can join in the compensation plan the higher you can become upgraded to in this compensation plan. You can join here.


I am not going to get into the compensation plan in detail, but the compensation is very beneficial ,you can earn different types of bonuses, like faststart bonuses and more.

Thank you for reading.


Tommy Olsson

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