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Terry Brown

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Member since 6 / 2012

Welcome to Terrys IBOsocial page. "Embrace Your Dreams With Passion."

Hi Everybody, 

Just wanted to say "hello" and to thank anyone who stops by to check out my IBOsocial page.  

I haven't really figured out what I want to put on this page yet, but hopefully sometime in the very near future I will have it all figured out.  

I am a home-based business entrepreneur like many of you here on this network and I actually signed up on here in 2012 but I was more inactive than active.  

Excited to be back on here (IBOToolbox) to connect with, and learn from others as well as share with others.  I do believe this a great platform to connect with like-minded people.  

We (My Core Team: The Change Your Life Club) recently partnered with a 2 1/2 - year old, debt-free, global company that has actually started a new industry: The Global Marketing Industry, which offers an incredible business opportunity.  

People are able to get their own, global, Super Wholesale Online Store for FREE and build phenomenal incomes from home, online. This is perhaps, one the easiest ways to build a Six Figure Income online.

I am also starting Success/Motivation Conference Calls/Webinars.  I will hold FREE Conference Calls and eventually Webinars for interested persons.  Many years ago I suffered severely with a poor self-image, low self-esteem, an inferiority complex and a host of other self-limiting attitudes and behaviors.  

Long story short (the nut-shell version), a friend introduced me to some personal growth and development information that literally put me on the path, to begin the process to positively change my life.  I have now been a student, practitioner, teacher and coach of personal growth for over 25 years.

Thanks again for stopping by,  

Terry Brown

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