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The Power of Persistence - Part 1

The Power of Persistence - Part 1

Thomas Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Persistence is that force that keeps you getting up and moving forward when you fall down as a result of temporary defeat or failure. 

To become truly successful in life, it is important to develop a burning desire to succeed. 

Trials will come as you work on building your business, your life, success, even your dream life, etc., but it is vital to focus and work on the solutions to the challenges you face.  This is something for all of us to consider as we move forward in our lives.    

A lot of people quit in the face of adversity but quitting is easy! It’s doesn’t take any special skill or knowledge to quit, you don't need ambition, faith, or character to quit.  

There is an energy to persistence that keeps you forging ahead. Oh yeah, every now and then you stop to rest or to regroup but never to quit. It is said that those without persistence, tire easily.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” 

Persistence is definitely a key to success. Without persistence, we won’t make the seemly impossible; possible. With persistence however, we can make the seemingly impossible; possible.  Persistence carries with it the mindset that says, I can and I will, no matter what!  

The power of persistence at least in part, is that persistence helps us to see how we are going to get to where we want to go.  

If you have any worthwhile goals, you will most inevitably face difficulties in trying to reach them. Discouragement has a way of finding those of us who advance toward the goals and dreams that we have in our hearts. 

I'll close this piece with a thought from James Whitcomb Riley. Mr. Riley stated, "the most essential factor is persistence...the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come."


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I love your "The Power of Persistence" Yes it is a much needed power. My wife used to say "I can and I will,and I'm going to" I look forward to reading part 2Graham Commander

This is an awesome and well written PR...great job!! Looking forward to many more of your Press Releases. Many Blessings to you!Katherine Happle

I like your 'quitting takes no skill' statement, that's why it's so popular! Persistance on the other hands requires steel - a think that Andrew Carnegie, for one, new plenty about!Tom Riach

I have patiently and carefully read your article to the end, patience is very important in every business, those who are not patient are always doomed to lose. Thanks for your sharing.Omer DOGAN

Excellent Press Release Terry Brown and being persistent is what got you the IBO Spotlight...Congrats on being Featured Member Of The Day Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI