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Terry Brown

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The Change Your Life Club & Our Business Opportunity


The Change Your Life Club & The Global Business We Have Partnered With 

The Change Your Life Club is introducing the New, Global Marketing Industry, and what we believe to be the EASIEST way to create a sustainable, 6 Figure Or More Income online today. Join us!  

We believe in Health, Wealth & Personal Growth & Development  

With our TEAM, You’ll:  

  • Have Unequaled Support.
  • Partner with people Committed to Your Prosperity.  
  • Learn our 15 – 30 Minutes, Daily Step-by-Step Ad System.
  • Be able to participate in our Co-op Advertising Program!
  • Be entered Into Our Team Rotator System (For Associates & Above).
  • Receive One-on-One Coaching if you desire (No Cost).       
  • Be able to take advantage of our Success/Motivation Team Conference Calls.

With our business (Genusity 2.0) You will be able to:

  • Buy Products Below Wholesale.
  • Sell Products at Wholesale.
  • Earn Up to 55% Retail Profits Daily.
  • Make Up to 100% Daily Fast-Start Bonuses.
  • Make Up to 100% Monthly Power Uni-level Pay.
  • Get Sign Ups & Sales 
  • And More…

Our products are exceptional, high quality and very affordable! 

I am looking for goal-oriented, success-minded people with a REAL desire to grow a Six Figure plus income.  

There are many great opportunities out in the marketplace today with some incredible products and services that they offer.  Genusity 2.0 is one the most amazing companies that I have seen in a long time. The potential of what they offer in terms of products, cost, compensation, systems etc., is quite impressive. 

The company offers three weekly webinars currently.  I am looking to start my Success/Motivation Conference Calls/Webinars as soon as there is enough interest there.  That's going to be pretty powerful!  

As you know, it can be quite tough building a home-based business or any business for that matter, but I hope to make it as fun, exciting, and supportive as possible with the systems we have in place to help people to build their businesses.

Self-leadership is a vital component when it comes to building a business and the beautiful thing about it is that we all can grow and develop as leaders.  

I am very, very big in the area of Personal Growth & Development and that's what my Success/Motivation Conference Calls will be all about as well as business building tips, strategies.  I am committed to my success as well as those who join me in business.   

Grab the Link Here & Take the FREE TOUR!  

If you decide to get started with us, and you are interested in our TEAM systems, it is important to let us know!  Please send a text to: 540-797-9858


Terry Brown  

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A compelling proposition Terry. You deserve success.Tom Riach