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What You Ought To Know To Make Serious Money With Horse Racing Picks

Get a New Horse Racing – Beginner Guide

Written by Anthony – professional full time sports investor and trader!

Although in itself, horse racing is one of the world's major sports, on Zcode it is one of the least popular and unknown sports. With the current Coronavirus crisis shutting down much of the worlds sport and the need for us zCoders to find alternative investment outlets this book is designed as a primer for those that have not considered betting on horseracing before and would like some background on the sport.

Chapter One

Origins of horse racing
Horse racing is a sport where two or more specially bred horses are raced around a track across a predetermined distance for a prize. It has existed for thousands of years, virtually since horses were first tamed and ridden. Chariot racing, the forerunner of harness racing, was probably the earliest form of the sport and was particularly popular in Ancient Greece and Rome. The first recorded mounted races were run in Ancient Greece.
Modern horse racing originated in England during the 12th century with the importation of Arab stallions. These horses, valued for their speed and stamina, were bred with Englishmares to produce racehorses. For the aristocracy, racing horses was a popular pastime. Early races were matches (two-horse races) for private bets. The competitors would race across the country. Often church towers would be used as landmarks to denote the start and finish of a race. This led to the term steeplechase, which is still used today for jump races. In 1174 the Smithfield Track opened in London. Races were also held at fairs across the country.
Horse racing is known as the sport of kings. This title dates back to the time of King Charles II and stems from his interest in breeding and racing horses. This royal connection with horse racing continues today with Queen Elizabeth II who has a keen interest in the breeding and racing of horses.
During the 1700s racecourses opened all over England and transformed horse racing into a professional sport. In 1750 an organization called the Jockey Club was formed to control and administer English racing. The Jockey Club laid down the rules of racing and classified races. In 1814 five races considered to be the most challenging were designated the classics and survive to the present day. These are the Derby, the Oaks, the 1000 Guineas, the 2000 Guineas and the St Leger. Gradually the value of the purses(prizes) increased, making the racing and breeding of horses a profitable pastime.
Horse racing was introduced to America when the country was first settled. English immigrants brought thoroughbred horses with them and in 1665 a racetrack was establishedon Long Island. In common with England, races were designated as classics. Horse racing rose in popularity and by 1890 there were 314 racetracks. However, corruption was rife. To combat this the American Jockey Club was formed in 1894. It was modelled on the English Jockey Club and laid down rules to ensure that horse racing was fair. However, a ban on bookmaking resulted in the decline of horse racing and by 1908 only 25 tracks survived. The introduction of pari-mutuel betting for the Kentucky Derby in 1908 led to a revival. In return for a share of the profits from betting, more and more states legalized pari-mutuel betting. This system continues today.

Thoroughbred horses
Types of racing
Grading of races
Conditional races
Racing around the world

Chapter Two

Betting On Horseracing
The Tote
How prices are determined
Starting Prices

Chapter Three
What is value?
Analysing Races
Gain an Edge by Specialising
Picking winners


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How To Make Serious Money with Horse Racing Picks

P.S. This is just the beginning. Anthony is planning to write a full Horse Racing investing bible in 2-3 weeks.

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