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Did You Download Our New APP?

Great news! We are finally ready to test a new Zcode iphone app for iPhone and iPad.

The app is similar to our classic "Line reversals" app however it will now let you

- Access VIP wall quicker with just 1 button

- Set push notifications for experts and systems (in settings)

- Check line reversals for different sports

Download here:

P.S. Android Line reversals app is same as before, it is web based and doe not require updates, it's self updating.

The Zcode Line Reversals app is an incredibly helpful indicator on how the line moves and how the odds change throughout the day. It will help you identify the sharp money moves and avoid betting against Vegas and will also display the Vegas percentages. Make sure you watch the easy video tutorial to fully understand how it works.


We are a professional sports trader. We don't gamble. We TRADE SPORTS. When you want to grow your bankroll, there is no room for luck or chance. Only pure math and a statistical winning edge.

We Hate Gambling! If you are looking for GAMBLING ADVICE, this is not for you! We are here to make money and help YOU WIN with us! It's about investing in sports and reaping insane amounts of money every single month. If you like the thrill of potentially losing your bet, try blackjack or poker. We do NOT follow sports for the sake of gambling, nor are we sports fanatics... This is a business for us and strictly so!


P.S. Upgrade to
Zcode VIP Club and Unlock All Winning Picks. Instant Access.

Press Release comments:

very interesting, thanks for sharing about the new app i ll have to check it outMichael Mikovich