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Learn Official Response to RS Dupe Issue with 7% Off Cheap RS Gold on RSorder

Recently a video from Sir Pugger has caused a heated discussion among players. Now JMod has responded to RS dupe issue with some details.

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Mod JD’s response to RS dupe issue

On June 16th, Mod JD has responded to the reddit thread titled “New Sir Pugger video highlighting some of the server 'maintenance' recently”. According to his post, the develop team identified some worlds going down between Friday and Saturday due to a sustained attack, and they took immediate action across multiple vectors within 24 hours to ensure that these worlds wouldn’t go down again, negating the possibility of RS3 dupe.
The team subsequently added in further preventative measures in the game update on June 1st, and they already have further protective steps sitting with QA for implementation in the future. The team has removed billions of GP from the game as a direct result of the investigation so far, and further investigations will still take place. They also apologized to players who have been impacted over the weekend with the server outages.

How about communication?

Mod JD also talked about communication. When it comes to security issues that do not directly impact player account security, they do not provide a stage for such actions at any time. The team doesn’t want to exacerbate an issue by putting a spotlight on it, nor do they want to entice attention-seeking activities for notoriety. They may not quite be right in the ideal middle yet, and they will think about it more following this.

What do you think about this issue?

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