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Join in RS Yak to the Shadows to Get Zarosian Vigil with $10 Off RS 3 Gold on RSorder

RS Yak to the Shadows has been active as a new in-game event. During this event, players can complete tasks in free and premium prize tracks to obtain some new rewards, including RS Moorrissey pet, Zarosian Vigil and more.

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How to join in RS Yak to the Shadows?

RS Yak to the Shadows is a new event started on June 22nd, 2020. Upon logging in during the event, you will find the Yak Track Task List appearing in your backpack, which can be read to access the tasks interface.
  This kind of event features 2 prize tracks (free and premium). The premium track offers a larger number of prizes, which can be unlocked if you have an active Premier Club membership or buy a Premier Pass with 2 bonds. You can complete either task to progress to the next tier. Task requirements are based on your level in the task skill.

What can you get from Yak to the Shadows?

During RS3 Yak to the Shadows event, there is a chance to receive cosmetics and items for progressing through each tier. Free players cannot get members rewards, but one player could claim any missed rewards if he later becomes members.
On the Free Track, new rewards include RS Zarosian Vigil pet, Shadow Magus robes, Shadow Magus Staff, and more boosters and consumables. On the Premium Track, you will obtain RS Moorrissey pet, the awe-inspiring Herald of Fate set, and some other exclusive prizes.

Have you joined in RS Zodiyak Track event?

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