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Join in Coming RS Independence Day 2020 with 6% Off Cheap RuneScape Gold on RSorder

Sam is returning with RS Independence Day Celebration this July! From July 3rd, join in the Independence Day 2020 to enjoy balloon drops and special rewards such as RS Liber tea.

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When will RS Independence Day 2020 run?

According to the recent official news post, RS Independence Day Celebration will run from July 3rd to July 5th, 2020. This year the event took place west of the Cooks’ Guild in Varrock. There you will find our old friend Sam and participate in this Independence Day event.

What can you enjoy in RS Independence Day?

During RS Independence Day 2020, you will find balloon drops in the event area. There will be a chance to obtain some special rewards by popping these balloons.
In addition, you can purchase some items from Sam’s Toy Store, such as RS Liber tea. When drunk, RS Liber tea can heal 300 life points and boosts Attack. Here are the prizes that you may obtain from RS Sam during the Independence Day Celebration:
Toy horsey (brown)
Toy horsey (black)
Toy horsey (white)
Toy horsey (grey)
Liber tea
Celebration cake
Celebration candles
Spinning plate
Toy kite
Bubble maker
Souvenir mug

Enjoy RS Independence Day 2020 for these special rewards!

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