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OSRS Ring of Endurance Guide with $18 Off Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold on RSorder

The ring of endurance is a new item released with the Hallowed Sepulchre. Here is our ring of endurance OSRS guide to help you learn how to get and use this ring.

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How to get the ring of endurance OSRS?

The ring of endurance can be obtained from the grand coffin on the final floor of OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre as a potential reward. There is also a chance to obtain the strange old lockpick and mysterious page from the Grand Hallowed Coffin.

How to use OSRS ring of endurance?

The ring of endurance requires level 70 Agility to equip. It can be charged with stamina potions, with each dose granting one charge.
When charged the ring will provide 2 effects. If you consume a dose of stamina potion with the ring equipped, one charge is consumed, 40% of your run energy is restored, and the duration of the stamina potion effect will be doubled. This effect will be immediately halved if the ring of endurance is unequipped. Moreover, if the ring has more than 500 charges, it will passively reduce the run energy drain rate by 15% without using any charges. All of the stamina charges are lost upon uncharging the ring.

Hope now you know more about the ring of endurance OSRS.

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