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Nature Spirit OSRS Guide with $18 Off OSRS Gold on RSorder

Nature Spirit is a Novice quest taking place deep in the Mort Myre Swamp. Here is our Nature Spirit OSRS guide with requirements, fast walkthrough and more.

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Requirements of Nature Spirit OSRS

Here are the requirements of Nature Spirit quest:
-Completion of the Priest in Peril and The Restless Ghost quests
-Items including a silver sickle and a Ghostspeak amulet, and 6 free inventory spaces

OSRS Nature Spirit quest walkthrough

1. To start the Nature Spirit quest, talk to Drezel under the Saradomin temple. Obtain three meat pies and three apple pies.
2. Run south through Mort Myre Swamp to the Nature Grotto north-west of Mort'ton. Notice that you must enter Morytania through the gate.
3. Attempt to enter the grotto and meet Filliman. Put your amulet of ghostspeak on and speak to him.
4. Take the washing bowl off the nearby table and find a mirror underneath.
5. Use the mirror on Filliman.
6. Search the grotto tree to obtain Filliman’s journal. Then give it to him and get a druidic spell.
7. Return to Drezel and ask him to bless you.
8. Head to the swamp, stand next to a rotting log and cast the druidic spell.
9. Pick a mushroom growing from the log. Bring it back to Filliman's camp.
10. Use the mushroom on the light-brown stone, and then use the used spell card on the grey stone.
11. Stand on the orange stone. Tell Filliman you've solved the puzzle.
12. Enter the hole under the tree. Search the grotto in the middle of the cave.
13. Speak to the nature spirit and give your silver sickle to him. Get a druid pouch.
14. Stand next to rotting plants in the swamp.
15. Using the silver sickle (b)'s Bloom ability, harvest the swamp plants and fill the druid pouch with them.
16. Use your filled druid pouch on Ghasts. Kill three of them.
17. Click the grotto and return to the nature spirit. Quest complete!
Note: Pray at the altar if you plan on completing the Morytania Diary.

Hope our guide can help you complete OSRS Nature Spirit quest.

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