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Listen to RS Moorrissey in Yak to the Shadows with $10 Off RuneScape Gold on RSorder

Have you joined in Yak to the Shadows event? Just complete the task referring to RS Moorrissey to start it. Moorrissey is a rising star in the Yak Archaeology scene, and you can read more information below.   

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Who is RS Moorrissey? 

Moorrissey is a yak that is available in the current Yak to the Shadows event, and he is particularly drawn to the murky depths of the long-lost Zarosian Empire. Even listening to RS Moorrissey is regarded as the Task A at tier 1 on both Premium and Free tracks. You can choose to complete this task to start Yak to the Shadows event.

How to complete "Listen to RS Moorrissey" task? 

To complete Listen to Moorrissey task on both tracks, you should speak to him and ask about his backstory. Upon the completion, Moorrissey will trade some of the Zarosian treasures to anyone who helps him out.           

Rewards for RS Yak to the Shadows task at tier 1 

When you complete RS Yak to the Shadows task at tier 1, you will be awarded with following prizes:
1. Free-to-play rewards
- Shadow Magus cosmetic overrides
- Shadow Magus Staff
2. Pay-to-Play rewards
- Bonus XP star (small)
  - 25 silverhawk down

In a word, Yak to the Shadows event has taken effect. Hurry to talk with RS Moorrissey to start this event for prizes.

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