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Learn RS Graphics Updates Revealed on Nov 23rd & More with 7% Off RuneScape Gold on RSorder

Plenty of RS graphics updates are revealed in this week's Patch Notes. Besides, there are also some improvements made for RS crashing. You can learn the further details below. 

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RS graphics updates revealed in this week's Patch Notes 

With RS Patch Notes updated on Nov. 23, a series of graphics updates and some engine improvements are revealed, such as:  
1. Add multi-threaded rendering system to provide an important performance boost on CPU bottlenecked systems. It's currently only supported on Windows, excluding Compatibility Mode, Intel HD 3000 or below, and AMD graphics drivers released before year 2020.
2. A graphical flicker issue on Android devices is fixed.
3. The persistent black or frozen screen on macOS High Sierra is fixed.
4. Fix system alert sound while pressing F1-F12 or ctrl+key on macOS.
5. Fix window size and position not being remembered on macOS.
6. Freeze/"beach ball" on macOS is fixed when resizing the game window in the Lobby, or in rare cases when interacting with the Lobby.
7. Fix macOS system IME appearing in cases such as holding A to rotate camera.
8. The issue causing some Android devices to restart the app when connecting or disconnecting a USB keyboard is fixed.
9. The issue causing textures to sometimes display incorrectly on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is fixed.
10. Fix ping display on world select screen on Android, iOS and Linux.
11. Solve the issue with Android 11 devices where the interface would be significantly offset from the corners of the screen while enabling gesture navigation.
12. The sign in with apple and google sign in on mobile devices to use overlaid browsers has been improved.
  13. The performance of some animations causing fps dips has been improved.

Improvements of RS crashing on Nov. 23 

Beyond of graphical improvements, this week you can also be able to notice another significant update on RS crashing. Based on RS Patch Notes, we have summarized the following highlighted improvements to crashing:    
1. Fix a rare sound-related crash.
2. A rare crash on exit on macOS is fixed.
  3. The crash when using pinch/zoom gesture on Android is fixed.

Look at RS graphics updates and crashing improvements from us.

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