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Learn Changes to RS Interface Scaling Beta Jul 31 with 7% Off RS Gold for Sale on RSorder

    Have you tried RS Interface Scaling and Camera Offset on beta world? Based on players’ feedback, some changes have been made to this beta.

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What is RS Interface Scaling beta?

RS Interface Scaling has been released on a beta world this month. With the Interface Scaling, you are able to increase the global size of the game interface to whatever is most comfortable. The Interface Scaling beta also features Game Render Scaling and RS Camera Offset. You could learn details of RS Interface Scaling Beta if you have interests.

Changes to RS Interface Scaling beta

Based on players’ feedback, the following changes have been made to the Interface Scaling beta on July 31st 2020:
1. Experimental interface has been added down scaling options, which can be found under “Settings > Graphics”. It will allow you to scale your interfaces down up to 70%.
2. The interface scaling options have been adjusted. 110% and 120% options are added, while 125%/325%/350%/375%/400% options are removed.
3. Now you are able to adjust the font size of text in the chat window. The fonts can be adjusted to 11, 13, 15 or 17pt via the Settings icon (in expanded mode) or the “-” icon (in the non-expanded mode). You can also change the font size of text in “Settings > Gameplay > Messages & Social > Chat Customisation > Chat Box Text Size” in the options menu.

Hope you can learn some information on RS Interface Scaling beta.

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