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Learn Changes & Fixes to Trailblazer OSRS with 7% Off Runescape Gold 2007 on RSorder

This week sees the release of some changes and fixes to OSRS Leagues 2 Trailblazer. Read the details below for more information.

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Changes to Trailblazer OSRS on Nov. 25th

The following changes and fixes have been made to Trailblazer with OSRS update on November 25th 2020:
1. Any Reach X Total Level tasks which failed to complete now can be completed by opening the Task interface.
2. The task Collect Resources from Miscellania while at 100% Favour is now completing correctly.
3. You can now make breadcrumbs if you have unlocked Morytania. If you’re missing this ability, open your Task interface to acquire it.
4. The message which triggers upon failing to Defeat Vorkath 5 Times Without Taking Special Damage will now only appear if you have yet to complete the task. Additionally, the description of this task specifies that it must be five times in a row.
5. The task to Complete 200 Slayer Tasks now becomes completable.
6. The fade-out effect when entering a God Wars Dungeon instance has become much quicker.
7. The doors to the instanced boss rooms in the God Wars Dungeon no longer animate.
8. The team resolved a bug that allowed players with Fairy's Flight to teleport above level 30 Wilderness. The effects of the Tele Block spell will still prevent teleporting.

Are you satisfied with these changes to Trailblazer OSRS?

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