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How to Make & Use Rod of Ivandis OSRS against Vampyres with $18 Off OSRS Gold on RSorder

The rod of ivandis weapon can be effective when fighting against vampyres. Read the details below if you want to learn how to create and use the rod of ivandis. 

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Method to make rod of ivandis OSRS 

The rod of ivandis is the weapon most effective against vampyres. After completing the In Aid of the Myreque quest, the rod of ivandis can be created by casting Lvl-1 Enchant on a Silvthrill rod and then dipping the enchanted rod into the well at Paterdomus with rope. Here are the details:
1. Create a Silvthrill rod by using a sapphire, mithril bar and silver bar on a furnace with a rod clay mould in the inventory.
2. Cast Lvl-1 Enchant on the rod.
3. Take it to the Paterdomus basement and used on the well in the middle room while you have a rope in your inventory.
  A fully charged rod of ivandis has 10 charges. It is for all intents a magic staff (with which it shares the same stats) and therefore can be used to autocast magic spells which, however, are not able to damage Vampyre Juvinates.

Special uses of rod of ivandis OSRS 

The rod of ivandis can be effective against vampyres. It also features in A Taste of Hope, in which it is used along with a chain and an enchanted emerald sickle (b) to make the Ivandis flail. The Ivandis flail is the only weapon that can be used to damage Vyrewatch. 

Are you clear about OSRS rod of ivandis? 

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