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Guide on How to Get More OSRS Hallowed Marks for Hallowed Goods with 7% Off RS 2007 Gold on RSorder

Today we share a guide about how to get more OSRS Hallowed Marks for the hallowed goods. Take a sneak peek below to learn more. 

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OSRS Hallowed Mark: new currency for Hallowed Sepulchre 

Hallowed Mark is the reward currency that is available inside Hallowed Sepulchre Agility activity in Darkmeyer. You can gain it by looting coffins in this activity. The deeper floors you reach, the more Hallowed Marks you will get from per looted coffin. Once you get hold of this reward currency, you can use it to buy various hallowed goods from Mysterious Hallowed Goods shop. 

Items required for obtainning OSRS Hallowed Mark 

When you complete the looting challenges to obtain Hallowed Mark, we encourage you to carry the following items that can help you a lot:
1. 2 vampyre dust needed for Saradomin Brazier that requires 54 Prayer
2. To fix the Broken Bridge requiring 56 Construction, you need to carry saw, hammer, as well as 2 planks and 5 steel nails, or 2 oak planks and 5 mithril nails, or 2 teak planks and 5 adamantite nails, or 2 mahogany planks and 5 rune nails.
3. Grapple Pillar: Mith grapple, any crossbow, with the lightest weight crossbow being the Dorgeshuun crossbow.
4. Enchant Jewellery Spell used to conjure Portal Frame. The enchant with higher level can decrease the fail chance. If you fail too many times, the Portal Frame may become deactivated.
- 7 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Water rune
- 27 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 3 Air runes
- 49 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 5 Fire runes
- 57 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 10 Earth runes
- 68 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 15 Water runes, 15 Earth runes
- 87 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 20 Earth runes, 20 Fire runes
- 93 Magic: 1 Cosmic rune, 20 Blood runes, 20 Soul runes
  Please note that you'd better bring many required items or runes since you may encounter the same skill challenge more than ones on a run.

Gain OSRS Hallowed Mark with this guide for the various rewards. 

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