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Inside out--the best way for allergic healing

Healing Your Dog--The Inside-Out Method

Holistic healing is something that is not new to humans. I live in a small town, and there is a holistic healing advocate that runs a successful business, just marketing to our little town. I didn't pay too much attention to it at first, but then I started to go green and clean myself. Our family invested in companies like Norwex, Zilis, and Melaleuca (to name a few) because we started to see the benefit. The basic concept is this--there are natural ways to heal without using all those medications. 

So why not for dogs?

Treating the allergies in your dog from a holistic view has the same goal--to boost the immune system and balance it.  If you're interested in using "alternative" solutions that occur naturally, you will be happy to learn that nature supplies what we need. Not only does nature supply what we need, but I believe what nature supplies should be the primary solution while medications and antihistamines should get the definition of "alternative."  These naturally occurring remedies help the immune system take charge, lower inflammation, and even (sometimes) suppress the body's creation of histamine without ever needing those drugs. 

What do I mean by the creation of histamine? I went over some of this in my previous PR entitled "Dogs Have Allergies Too." While you're at it, train your dog's brain with simple games to unlock your dog's hidden intelligence. I will outline some of the natural remedies that I have found in the next PR. Thanks for reading!

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