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Dog allergies are nothing to sneeze at

Dog allergies are nothing to sneeze at

I was outside today trying to clear out my sunporch. My step-son cleaned his room and left a bunch of stuff out there. At 18, you would think he had the initiative to put his trash in bags, but that didn't happen. The whole reason I was cleaning out there in 100-degree heat is that we're expecting a new washer tomorrow.

When I was out there, though, I started sniffing and sneezing--allergies. It was then that I started thinking about my little Apollo--how is he feeling in this allergy season?

As in humans, veterinaries often prescribe medications like antihistamines and steroids to treat allergies. These are very effective, but they only provide relief that is short-lived and simply act to cover up the symptoms. What's more, these medications cause negative effects on while only masking the evidence of allergies. I know, from my own experiences, that some antihistamines can cause drowsiness--to the point of uncontrollable sleep. This can happen with dogs as well as issues with holding their bladder (speaking of bladder issues--do you have problems with your new or old dog urinating in the house? Check this out). Once the effects of the medication wear off, owners of the dogs will see the allergy behavior return--it's like starting over. I like to think of allergy meds as masking tape on a leak--it may work for a bit, but you just have to keep applying the tape for the water to (kind of) stop coming through. 

My Brain Training for Dogs product has nothing to do with allergies or dealing with the non-masking tape version of treating allergies. However, using it is a good way to keep your communication with your dog strong and to help him or her become more aware of what you, as a dog owner, need from them. It's a win-win!

Do you want to know about fixing that leak more permanently? Check back in a future PR.

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