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Scientifically Increase Focus and Charisma with Quantum Physics

The marvelous Vital Force™ Success & Achievement Crystal supports the development of the inner energetic structures necessary for achieving success and manifesting your most cherished goals. With the help of master healers and special universal channels we have developed a powerful tool for enhancing your ability to manifest intent.

It is well known that focused intent is a powerful tool in realizing life objectives. The crystal's powerful energy responds to your "intent" and works to re-structure your energy system to align with your conscious goals. Achieving goals requires a level of harmony and integrity between your conscious and subconscious mind and your subtle bodies.

The Success and Achievement Crystal helps you to achieve the inner alignment essential for clarifying and focusing your intentions, and bringing your energetic field into harmony with the Universe.

This crystal is a perfect companion to the Success & Achievement Elixir. Gives a quantum leap in potency!

Vital Force subtle energy products are encoded with information your mind and body can use for higher development, for healing and for functioning at their optimum levels.

Vital Force subtle energy products help you to use the "intent" of your mind to direct subtle energy where it is most needed.

Subtle Energy works like the body's "software" to govern all functions of the mind and body.

Vital Force Technology synthesizes modern quantum physics and the ancient science of subtle energy to create subtle energy tools for spiritual development.

Dr. Yury Kronn, radiophysicist and inventor of Vital Force Technology has spent 30 years researching the nature and properties of subtle energy looking for practical applications for everyday use. Thousands of people around the world enjoy the benefits of his crucial work to raise up humanity, and make YOUR life closer to your dreams.


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Intent is way more powerful than people realize! Intention produces reality!

Good PR!
Terrance Collins

very good info..:_)Nicole Nilsson

Another company with good products. I wish you much success. You may want to google this:The Kinesiology or Muscle testBob and Lucy Shoaf