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Protect Against Harmful EMF with EMF Transformers

EMF Transformers™ counteract radiation over-stimulation from all electronics, including the latest smart phones and 5G technologies.

TWO SIZES - Large:  4" X 1.25" / Small:  3" X 1"  (see application list below)

(Also see the Vital Force Crystals for wearable protection, and Clean Sweep for travelling).

Modern cell phones barrage the brain with electromagnetic radiation—shown in laboratory tests to cause over-stimulation in parts of the brain. This excess stimulation is so strong that it’s visible on electroencephalograph (EEG) brain maps. Excessive stimulation of this kind shows up especially in areas of the brain associated with learning and memory. Could it lead eventually to disorders in those mental functions? No one knows for sure. Did you know that there’s equal uncertainty about the impact on children’s growing brains?

Research shows that Energy Tools International EMF Transformers™ actually counteract the effects of radiation-caused hyper-stimulation in the brain. They give you this ability for your own benefit and for all your family members. Optimized with scientifically-tested Vital Force Technology™, EMF Transformers™ counteract the overstimulating effects on the brain of all smart phones—even the newest and most powerful ones. What’s more, they’re effective on all electronic devices that emit an electromagnetic field! You’ll definitely want to order some today for every device you own!

In a World Filled with Electromagnet Field Radiation Finally you can counteract it!

Energy Tools International™ EMF Transformers™ are beautifully designed and scientifically researched. They’re available in sizes to fit any device, and offered them in both black and clear versions, so you can match them to any color device you wish to put them on.

Each transformer has its own self-adhesive backing, so they apply wherever your need them. Their slim form-factor means that you can attach them under your favorite phone case or on top of it. Elegantly designed with a handsome retro-deco look, they’re crafted on a special pliable material that allows them to fit the contours of any electronic device or phone model to which you attach them. Once affixed, their beneficial effects are permanent.

Effective on:

  • All cell phones and smart phones (use SMALL)
  • Wireless home phones (use SMALL)
  • Desktop computers and towers (use LARGE)
  • Laptop computers (use LARGE)
  • Tablets (use LARGE)
  • Wireless routers (use LARGE)
  • Baby monitors (use SMALL)
  • Children’s electronic devices  (use SMALL)
  • Handheld games (use SMALL)
  • Video monitors and TVs  (use LARGE)
  • Bluetooth devices  (use SMALL)
  • Microwave ovens  (use LARGE)
  • Electric panels  (use LARGE)
  • Smart meters  (use LARGE)
  • Car electronics and sound systems  (use SMALL)
  • Wireless alarm systems  (use SMALL)
  • Wireless keyboards  (use SMALL)
  • Point-of-sale equipment  (use SMALL)
  • Hundreds of other electronic devices

It’s easy to choose from our two convenient sizes, regular (for all phones and other small devices) and jumbo (for routers and larger devices). Apply EMF Transformers™ conveniently to any electronic device exactly where you’d like it: top, bottom, front or back.

EMF Transformers™ do not interfere with the signal or function of any electronic device or phone. Their ability to counteract the effects of EMF is permanent. Energy Tools International EMF Transformers™ are effective even on the newest phones.

The EMF Transformer™ protects the Lap Top and Router user in 2 ways: by transforming the electromagnetic field and reducing SAR (the absorption rate of radio frequency energy) and by maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of the brain waves while you are working on or in close proximity to your lap top or wireless devices.

The EMF Transformer™ router dome counteracts the negative effects of the harmful electromagnetic vibrations emitted by electromagnetic devices. It has proven able to reduce the electromagnetic energy in the area around the infused dome by 35%. Most importantly, it helps to compensate for the "jamming" effect of the ‘energetic viruses’ on the energetic system of the body and produces a healing and regulating effect on the system. 

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